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June 1st, 2021

The Innovation Horizon – Where Does Your Innovation Land?

Innovation is a journey of thought, exploration and learning.  With any innovation, entrepreneurs must have a clear understanding of the potential as well as the limits of the transformational capacity of their innovation.  Alternatively, it is important to have some grounding on what said innovation might means to another.  It’s important to be aware of…

Sustainability: A Common Thread Between Innovation and Strategy

Often times when we hear the term “sustainability” we immediately have thoughts around environmental efforts other have taken on that aim to reduce their overall carbon footprint.  But sustainability need not be restricted to ecological discussions; it can mean different things to different groups of people depending on the context in which it is used. …

Innovative Solutions – Tactics to Drive Your Ideas Forward

Rarely do innovators get critiqued for their ability to conceptualize novel products or services that don’t aim to transform a particular space.  Often, they are criticized for taking too significant of a leap or investing too much in what they believe to be the “want” rather than the “need”.  The truth is that innovation requires…

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